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No Sales Tax

Welcome to Oregon

The Home of ReShip.com and No Sales Tax

Oregon is a beautiful place for a number of reasons. Pristine forests. Thousands of rivers. Hundreds of kilometers worth of coastline. Not to mention that Oregon is one of the few U.S. states to not charge a sales tax.

ReShip.com proudly calls Oregon home and we pass along the benefits of our location to all of our customers. Unlike other freight forwarding companies, you will never pay sales tax on items you purchase and ship to your ReShip.com mailbox. This saves you an average of 7% on every order you ship to your ReShip.com address!

However, we can’t say the same for our competitors:

Shipito (Located in California)

Charges you 7.25% sales tax

MyAmericanShipper (Located in California)

Charges you 7.25% sales tax

VIAddress (Located in Indiana)

Charges you 7% sales tax

Bongo International (Located in Connecticut)

Charges you 6.35% sales tax

MyUS (Located in Florida)

Charges you 6% sales tax

No sales tax. Just another reason to shop, ship, and save with ReShip.com.