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Services & Fees

One Time Sign-up fee:

$5.00 USD

Shipping Costs:

Our high volume discounted rates

Package Handling:

$5.00 USD per package or $30.00 USD a month for up to 10 packages*.

* On a monthly plan, each additional package above the limit will be charged $2.00.


Free for 60 days, $1.00 USD per day, per package after that for up to 90 days.

Package Consolidation:

$7.00 USD for up to 5 packages.

$7.00 USD for edits to consolidations.

*Over the 5 package limit, each additional package added to the consolidation is charged $1.00.

Invoice Removal:

$3.00 USD

Pre-Delivery Photos:

$5.00 USD for five photographs

Gift Wrap:

$7.00 USD

Other Requests:

$5.00 USD

Sales Tax:

Free state sales Tax

Annual Address Renewal:


Special Requests and High Volume Orders: Please contact us at 1-800-345-SHIP or service@reship.com. We will gladly work with you to fulfill your shipping needs.